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“A Christmas Invite” By Gerry

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A Christmas invite in the month of June?
Is really several months too soon!

But it is very important that we tell you all
That we are returning again to the Costa del Sol

So a greeting at this time of year
Will bring you a little Christmas cheer

And we invite you now to our Christmas Dinner
For the last few years it’s been a winner

If you decide to join us and we hope that you might
‘Cause there’s music and dancing each day and each night

And where on the Costas will this great event be?
In the Amaragua Hotel, overlooking the sea!

It’s Torremolinos calling us back
For Christmas and the New Year and a bit of CRAIC!

There will be Gala Dinners and music galore
Forget all your worries as you take the floor

There will be the High Caul Cap and the Siege of Ennis
and plenty of time for a few pints pint of Guinness

There will be foxtrots and waltzes and quicksteps too
And a taxi dance for me and you

You won’t be alone when you come away
And join us on this holiday

There’ll be friends from Cork and some from Clare
And other places far and near…

They’ll be there from England and Scotland too
They wouldn’t miss a right good do!

And if you can sing you can give us a hand
And we’ll even invite you to sing with the band

There‘s fun and there’s games and there’s quizzes galore
And lots of nice people asking for more!

It’s a gathering of friends and some strangers too
As we acknowledge the old and welcome the new

So, on Christmas Eve it all begins
With Lots of music Mass and hymns

Then Father Christmas on Christmas Day
Will help to pass the time away

On St Stevens Day you can be our guest
For the leftover turkey and a slice of breast

Then each day after we’ll plan something new
Like Bacon and Cabbage or Irish Stew!

Then, New Year’s Eve will come around
And you’ll dance all night to the wonderful sound

Of musicians and singers and the odd customer too
and maybe even a song from you

You can come for just the Christmas only
We guarantee you won’t be lonely

And remember that we also cater
For our New Year party a few days later

Appearing during this festive time
Are a load of artists but their names don’t rhyme!!

So look in the brochure that’s enclosed with this letter
They’re all listed there and that’s much better!

Good music, Great Craic and plenty of cheer
Cant’ wait to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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